Vision, Mission & Strategy


KT Erhvervsbyg A/S will be one of the market’s most preferred partners in commercial construction and therefore the natural choice for new construction and renovation of commercial properties.


KT Erhvervsbyg A/S is the close partner that creates security for our customers throughout the process – from idea to delivery of the finished project.


Our strategy is simple. As is our mindset. Simplicity is our mantra. For the simple reason that we create the most value for our customers – both financially and in terms of time – when we keep even the most complicated construction solutions simple.

A design studio with ambitions

– Where engineering meets architectural vision

It was the ambition to combine architecture with solid functional solutions
that prompted KT Erhvervsbyg to establish its own design studio

At the design studio, we combine the architect’s vision with the building designer’s ambitions
– in collaboration with the engineer – of bringing the project to completion.
The process from sketch to finished project is characterised by systematic workflows that use short chains of command to ensure that the building is built in accordance with current legislation and to the full satisfaction of the client.


More than 100 years of experience in commercial construction

KT Erhvervsbyg A/S is managed by 3 strong profiles, each with many years of experience in commercial and industrial construction.

It is the interaction between the partners’ individual specialist skills, experience and networks that together makes KT Erhvervsbyg strong.

It’s the network created over 3 long careers in construction that ensures our customers get the best and most cost-effective solution – and attracts more customers. We have more than 100 years of combined experience in the field, which gives our management team the know-how it has today.

Our history

After 30 years of success in the construction company Kurt Therkildsen A/S in Give, Kurt Therkildsen retired. But not for long. After a few months, Kurt’s fingers were itching again.

In collaboration with Per Henriksen and Chresten Moos Petersen KT Erhvervsbyg was launched – a completely new business concept, as the new construction company focused exclusively on commercial construction.

From the very beginning, the main idea was that the company shouldn’t have its own craftsmen – and that was actually what made the three partners want to start the company. At the time, this degree of specialisation was rare in the Danish construction industry. But the 3 partners did not have any doubts. The profile had to be sharp and the differentiation high. And it was. After just 2 years, KT Erhvervsbyg had a turnover of 100 million DKK.

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