A design studio with ambitions

– Where engineering meets architectural vision

It was the ambition to combine architecture with solid functional solutions that led KT Erhvervsbyg A/S to establish its own design studio.

At the design studio, we combine the architect’s visions with the constructor’s ambitions – in collaboration with the engineer – to see the project through to a finished building. The process from sketch to finished project is characterized by systematic workflows with short chains of command, ensuring that the building is constructed in accordance with current legislation and to the full satisfaction of the client.

The design studio a team of generalists and specialists who together have a well-equipped toolbox including 3D design, user involvement, visualisations, VR, DGNB, fire strategies, statics, energy calculations, indoor climate simulations, sound calculations and quality assurance in all phases. The many skills gathered in-house provide an unusual agility that allows us to react quickly to new wishes and ideas.

It’s all supported by our solid knowledge of the best, most cost-effective and proven designs, coupled with the idea of a simple and pragmatic approach to construction.

The result is buildable solutions, well thought-out architecture and safe technical solutions, combined in an expressive modern commercial building.

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