Internship opportunities at KT Erhvervsbyg A/S

At KT Erhvervsbyg A/S, we offer internships to students from four different higher education programmes in construction, namely the building constructor, civil engineer, construction coordinator and architect programmes.

You will have great opportunities for an exciting and customised internship depending on your wishes and expectations.

With five different internships, we have something to offer most people, whether you prefer the construction site, want to challenge architecture and interior design or want to explore tasks in construction, sustainability, statics or installations.

Whichever internship you choose, you will be an important part of a great community with a flat company structure where fairness and friendliness are at the core of our culture. The sense of community in our company is strengthened by our internal Friday bar, which is (almost) mandatory.

In addition, our running club, padel club, cycling club and beer club are well supported. If the timing of the internship is fortunate, you will also have the opportunity to participate in various events throughout the year, organised by either the staff association or our ownership group. Events can range from small family-friendly gatherings to entire weekends with a partner.

Our office is located in Give, and we handle construction cases in most of Denmark.

We reward building constructor, construction coordinator and architecture students on SU with a monthly gratuity of DKK 3,000, reimbursement of transportation from home (paid expenses for public transport or mileage allowance for own car) and free meals during working hours.

For engineering students, we pay in accordance with IDA salary and contract terms, and provide free meals during working hours.

Applications must be submitted via the form on this website according to applicable GDPR legislation.

Construction manager

The construction manager internship will give you a solid insight into the many exciting tasks of the execution phase, and not least the mechanisms behind it. We have ongoing projects with office domiciles, production buildings, car dealerships, logistics centres, utility facilities and shops. Our construction sites are characterised by simplicity and efficiency. Every semester we are looking for 2-3 construction manager interns.

The internship is aimed at
– Building constructors
– Civil engineers specialising in construction management
– Building coordinators

Consulting engineer

In our engineering department, the internship will take place in a team of 12 specialised engineers who together cover all disciplines of construction. Your core tasks will typically include stability calculations, foundation calculations, static calculations in steel, wood and concrete, preparation of overall static documentation as well as site supervision on your own projects and possibly energy framework and LCA calculations. Every semester we are looking for one engineering intern.

The internship is aimed at
– Civil engineers specialising in load-bearing structures
– Civil engineers specialising in geostatics

Project building constructor

If you love constructive solutions that are kept as simple as possible, the internship at our design studio is just the thing for you. Together with 12 pragmatic and specialised building constructors, you will gain a broad knowledge of the many core tasks of project design – including fresh air by visiting our construction sites. Every semester we are looking for one project building constructor intern.

The internship is aimed at
– Building constructors


As an intern in our sales department, you will work with architects, building constructors and civil engineers to design our upcoming buildings. Throughout the process, from the first sketches to the final sales drawings, the focus is on a good balance between aesthetics, buildability, client wishes, economy and sustainability. Every semester we are looking for one architect intern.

The internship is aimed at
– Architects
– Building constructors

Sustainability manager

Join us and learn more about the many facets of sustainability. Together with six passionate colleagues, you will research, design and document a more sustainable approach in our buildings. With education and experience in sustainability in construction, our sustainability team works daily with both certifications and core tasks to increase sustainability in our construction projects. Every semester we are looking for one sustainability management intern.

The internship is aimed at
– Building constructors
– Civil engineers specialising in construction and sustainability
– Building coordinators

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History and job opportunities

Since 2016, 23 students have had an internship at KT Erhvervsbyg A/S. We are very grateful for the many contributions and input to our processes and experiences over the years. A breath of fresh, honest air from the world outside is important for development and customisation.

10 out of the 23 students are currently employed full-time as construction managers, project building constructors, engineers or sustainability managers.


This results in a 43% hiring rate, which we are very proud of.


In addition to the fact that KT Erhvervsbyg A/S has grown throughout the years, the high hiring rate is also proof of a good match between the job seeker and KT Erhvervsbyg A/S. As we manage our own construction sites, have our own design studio, engineering office and in-house sustainability team, there are plenty of opportunities to find your dream job as a graduate.

Most interns value the culture and team spirit at KT Erhvervsbyg A/S, while keeping things as simple as possible.

Read testimonials from some of our previous interns below.

Martin Lorenzen Nielsen

Building constructor VIA Horsens, intern in spring 2023

“My internship at KT Erhvervsbyg has increased my competencies and skills that are necessary for a future building constructor. As a project building constructor, I’ve been able to dive into all areas of the process for a couple of projects and experienced diversity in everyday life, from building applications to site visits.

At the design studio, helpful employees with different backgrounds and educations create a wide range of experience and professional knowledge. As a result, you can get answers to your doubts and there is always someone willing to help. You’re never completely alone with a task, but you still get to experience the reality that awaits on the other side of the school desk.

The atmosphere in the office is always good, and there’s often room for a story while you’re pouring your morning coffee. All in all, a perfect internship with positive, friendly and genuine people in the yellow house in Give.”

Martin is currently employed as a building constructor at KT Erhvervsbyg A/S.

Mikkel Boldt Rosendahl

Civil engineer Aarhus University, intern in autumn 2020

“I’ve done an internship at KT Erhvervsbyg, and it’s been really cool. Right from the start, you get to try your hand at the many different tasks of an engineer.

You quickly gain increasing responsibility in the company, and after a short time you have the opportunity to work on your very own construction projects, where everything from static documentation to assembly details must be created.

KT Erhvervsbyg is very close to the construction site, which means that what you calculate one day will be cast or built on site the next day. It also means you have the opportunity to go to the site and see what you’ve calculated in real life, which is really cool because it gives you a deeper understanding of what you do in the office.”

Mikkel is currently employed as a civil engineer at KT Erhvervsbyg A/S.

Mercedes Wende Thomsen

Building constructor VIA Holstebro, intern in spring 2021

“At KT Erhvervsbyg there is a real opportunity to learn something, I’m a project building constructor, but the company has salespeople, construction managers, engineers and craftsmen.

At the design studio, I have several different tasks and I’ve been allowed to test myself both in terms of responsibility and knowledge, but there is always a good colleague to help. The tasks vary widely, I’ve made outline proposals, but now it’s projects that are about to start up on site. So there is also plenty of opportunity to get out and see what you have designed.

KT Erhvervsbyg is a growing company, and it’s also great to be part of a success. There is a great atmosphere and also the opportunity to socialise despite Covid-19 over a beer or a game of darts.

Definitely a company that is exciting to be a part of.”

Mercedes is currently employed as sustainability manager at KT Erhvervsbyg A/S.

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