Invoicing to KT Erhvervsbyg A/S

If you need to send invoices to KT Erhvervsbyg A/S, please follow the procedure below.

All invoices must be sent digitally to our invoice mail or via GLN number.
Please note that it is not possible to send further correspondence to this email address, for which reason you should clarify any doubts with your contact person at KT Erhvervsbyg A/S.

We can receive your invoices in one of the methods below:

Electronic invoice:

GLN no.: 5790002593680 – KT Erhvervsbyg A/S

PDF invoice via email: – KT Erhvervsbyg A/S
Please note, the email can only contain one PDF invoice per file/email.

Account statements via email – KT Erhvervsbyg A/S

File no. on your invoice

Every invoice must include a 6-digit file number and a 3-digit type number and reference to the name of the building project.
This could look like this, for example:

File no.: 21-1323 type no. 190- carpenter and joiner

File and type number will be provided by your contact person. For information, the type number refers to the type of work/contract e.g. (140 roofing). When invoicing to the accounting system of KT Erhvervsbyg A/S, everything is read digitally. Therefore, the file and type number can be written in a dedicated field that is easy for the system to read. Possibly in the right corner of your invoice or in a line on the invoice itself. The tile and type number must not appear in the address field.

Fast and efficient payment

In order for us at KT Erhvervsbyg A/S to process your invoice in a timely manner, please address the points below.

  • All invoices should be sent to or via GLN no: 5790002593680 and not to personal addresses.
  • The invoice is sent in one copy and in PDF format
  • Invoicing of contractual services and extra work must be done separately
  • Invoicing of services/deliveries from different projects on the same invoice is not possible
  • The invoice must have a file and type number
  • It is not possible to send invoices by post or directly to your contact person at KT Erhvervsbyg A/S

For questions, please contact

Gurli Nielsen

25 37 21 10

Charlotte Færgemann Lind

21 21 30 19

Dorthe Graae Lassen

30 73 56 05