More sustainable construction

We want to create good, healthy commercial buildings that take future needs into account as much as possible.
Across KT Erhvervsbyg’s functions and roles, we work towards the same common goal – a responsible building – where the natural basic principles of sustainability emerge.


Our salespeople listen carefully to customers’ needs and wishes so that the buildings create optimal value for users in balance with a focus on sustainability


Our architects keep the passion for high architectural value alive while bringing knowledge of materials and design into play


Our engineers ensure the use of as little material as possible. Intelligent installations enable low operating consumption as well as optimised and customised comfort


Our building constructors are committed to thoughtful solutions from foundation to roof. Small details matter a lot when structures and materials are challenged.


Our construction managers work to minimise consumption and waste on our construction sites. Waste and any surplus materials are processed so that others can benefit from them


Our sustainability managers are committed to the vision of a more sustainable world.
With massive knowledge and experience of a sustainable approach to construction, sustainability is systemised, measured and prioritised

We believe that a more
sustainable construction
is simply a responsible construction

Own project-oriented sustainability department

To ensure an efficient sustainability process throughout both project design and construction, we have our own sustainability department, where 7 passionate colleagues ensure the highest possible level of sustainability in our buildings. The close proximity to our own engineers and constructors ensures that our expert knowledge of commercial construction is included in all decisions regarding sustainable initiatives in our buildings.

Daily tasks include planning and implementing voluntary certification schemes such as DGNB and BREEAM, compliance with sustainability requirements from the Building Regulations and the EU Taxonomy and, not least, developing future building systems with an increased focus on sustainability.

We invest heavily in the latest knowledge in sustainable construction, so our choices and decisions are based on the latest documented data and experience. Completed training programmes include Certified Sustainable Building Advisor and several DGNB training courses. In addition, in 2025 we will add the Master in Sustainable Construction programme – among the first in Denmark. This will be followed by a series of courses in programmes and working methods that support specific work tasks related to sustainability.



Life cycle costing

Ingredients and
chemistry in materials



Indoor climate and

Design for


Sustainability certifications

In addition to our work with project-oriented sustainability, we continuously develop and implement strategic sustainability in the company. Read more about it here.