Strategy and objectives

As a player in the construction industry, KT Erhvervsbyg has a responsibility to support the positive development of society so that together we can ensure a more sustainable future for future generations.

We are aware of this responsibility. That’s why we have defined four ambitious goals for how we will contribute. The goals are related to areas where we believe we can contribute the most.

It will take a lot of effort to reach the goals. Working with sustainability is complex, but we need to get the ball rolling and the targets are a good step on the way.

4 strategic focus areas

Responsible commercial buildings

Goal: Significantly increase the share of buildings with sustainability certifications by 2026

KT Erhvervsbyg will contribute positively to the green transition. For us, sustainability is about responsibility. That’s why our goal is to have significantly more buildings with sustainability certification and/or sustainable initiatives by 2026.

We want to build good, healthy commercial buildings that focus not only on the climate and the environment, but also on the people who build and the people who use the buildings.

Responsible climate footprint

Goal: Reduce CO2 emissions in GHG Scope 1+2 by 30% in 2030 compared to the base year 2023

KT Erhvervsbyg wants to actively contribute to meeting both national and global climate goals and therefore we must also have our own climate goals.

We want to take action where we can contribute most here and now, which is why we start in Scope 1+2 and will continuously adjust goals and ambitions and include Scope 3 when we have data that can support a goal.

Responsible employer

Goal: Maintain good well-being and job satisfaction for at least 90% of the employees

At KT Erhvervsbyg, a healthy and attractive working environment has always been a priority. We strive to provide our employees with a workplace where they thrive and we want to provide room for growth and development.

That’s why we want our employee satisfaction and well-being to be top notch.

Responsible contractor

Goal: To remain a trustworthy and proper business partner in all relationships

For us, being a responsible contractor means being a responsible business partner with a focus on both our relationships with the outside world and operational responsibility.

We work to keep customers coming back and for a lasting collaboration with subcontractors and suppliers based on mutual understanding.







New EU requirements for sustainability reporting

Environment, social responsibility and corporate behaviour are the key words in the ESG process that will become a reality for KT Erhvervsbyg in 2025. Even though ESG is not yet a legal requirement, change takes time and requires responsibility.

At KT Erhvervsbyg we are aware of our responsibility. That’s why we are working hard to implement and integrate systems in our business to be ready for the ESG sustainability reporting process. The goal is to include some ESG metrics in our annual report for 2024. This will ensure that the 2025 annual report is at its highest possible level.

We are already working on this. At KT Erhvervsbyg we will – as with everything else – drive the process with competence, credibility and a simple approach.

In addition to our work with strategic sustainability, we work extensively with project-oriented sustainability on a daily basis. Read more about it here.