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At KT Erhvervsbyg we take responsibility, also when it comes to sustainability. For us, sustainability in construction is all about responsibility. Responsibility to care for each other, nature, the earth’s resources and the economy.

We want to create good, healthy commercial buildings that take future needs into account as much as possible. An approach that involves our colleagues and functions throughout the internal value chain.

Our salespeople listen carefully to customers’ needs and wishes in order for the buildings to create optimal value for their users in the future. A sustainable building is customised and remains in its original form for many years. We know that open and honest dialogues between supplier and customer often lead to long-term and repeated collaborations.

Our architects maintain a passion for architectural excellence. Good architecture lasts longer and is better preserved. A good indoor climate is supported by flexible and well-designed spaces, high levels of natural daylight and materials that create a pleasant sense of well-being.

Our engineers ensure the safety and robustness of the buildings while focusing on using as few materials as possible. Choosing intelligent and energy-efficient installations is crucial for low operating consumption and optimum, customised comfort during use.

From foundations to roofs, our constructors are committed to well thought-out solutions. Small details count too, especially when structures and materials are challenged. There is a consistent focus on constructability and occupational health and safety during the construction phase.

Our construction managers have a firm grip on minimising consumption, resources and waste on our construction sites. Waste and any surplus materials are processed so that others can benefit from them. In addition, we also focus on a safe and comfortable working environment.

Our sustainability managers are committed to the vision of a more sustainable world. With extensive knowledge and experience in a sustainable approach to construction, extra energy and care is put into every building where the customer wants it. With intelligent tools and well-documented data, sustainability is systemised, measured and prioritised. With a number of DGNB-certified buildings to our name, the holistic approach to sustainability is inherent and incorporated into the internal flow of every building we build. Already during the tender phase, calculations and assessments are carried out to provide an overview of the level of sustainability for the building in question. Analyses and creativity can then help change the form and choice of materials together with the customer.

All processes carried out at our design studio and construction sites are documented so that the results become reliable data and important knowledge about the building’s level of sustainability. All relevant suppliers and subcontractors are consulted on their specialised area of expertise.

When all these different roles and functions at KT Erhvervsbyg work towards the same common goal of responsible construction, the natural basic principles of sustainability emerge.

That’s why we believe that a more sustainable building is simply a responsible building.

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In-house sustainability department at KT Erhvervsbyg A/S

To ensure an efficient sustainability process throughout both design and construction, we have our own sustainability department, where 6 passionate colleagues ensure the highest possible level of sustainability in our buildings.

By having ownership of the overall sustainability tasks, we can provide qualified advice to our clients throughout the process from start to finish. The close proximity to our own architects, engineers and constructors ensures that our expert knowledge of commercial construction is included in all decisions regarding sustainable initiatives in our buildings.

Daily tasks include planning and implementing voluntary certification schemes such as DGNB and BREEAM, but also compliance with sustainability requirements from the Building Regulations and the EU Taxonomy. We have extensive experience with the following methods and topics, among others:

  • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)
  • LCC (Life Cycle Costing)
  • Biodiversity
  • Commissioning (quality management process)
  • Indoor climate and installations
  • Substances in materials
  • Design for separation
  • Sustainability management


We invest heavily in the latest knowledge in building sustainability, which means that our choices and decisions are based on not only the latest, but also documented data and experience.

Courses completed include Certified Sustainable Building Advisor, DGNB Advisor for New Buildings and Major Renovations, and DGNB Advisor for Building Operation. We are also on the verge of becoming Denmark’s first Master in Sustainable Construction. This is followed by a series of courses in programs and working methods that support specific sustainability tasks.

Sustainability in construction is developing rapidly, both in Denmark and abroad. That’s why it’s important to focus on well-documented and valid knowledge as a basis for important sustainability decisions in our buildings.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have building plans and want to know more about how sustainability can be implemented naturally and effectively. With us, it’s not far from thoughts and ideas to tangible action.

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